Time Warrior: The Armageddon Device

6_1_1In the future, where everybody wears space age turtlenecks, an ancient terror is unleashed by a group of archaeologists (no, not on Mars, that’s a different game entirely). This twisty, rust-colored juggernaut floats around in space and, basically, blows everything up. Only one man can save the universe: The Time Warrior! You’re sent into the future, and you have to go find the Time Warrior and point him in the right direction so he can save the universe. Oh, and everyone’s been dead a hundred years so there’s no one to help you out. Have fun!

Time Warrior: The Armageddon Device might conceivably appeal to young sci-fi fans who are newcomers to this whole “adventure game” thing. At first, you just click from room to abandoned room, unable to enter places you don’t need to go. In fact, you won’t even be able to open a dresser drawer if there’s nothing useful in it. (This kind of hand-holding is necessary because there is no clear information anywhere about how you’re supposed to accomplish your task.) Unfortunately, the so-called “puzzles” don’t really get more challenging later in the game, just more arbitrary. Redundant and frustrating mazes must be navigated to reach button panels that only let you push one button.

There’s also a lot of video in the game-theoretically the exciting part. Usually, it turns out to be the funny part, with “aliens” in rubber masks making growly noises. You can’t even tell who’s blowing up whom most of the time.

System Requirements: 486/33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Win95

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