6Enter the zany mind of Pratchett.

Terry Pratchett was a funny writer, most famous for creating his Discworld series of 41 novels. This comical universe seemed to be perfect for an adventure game if we’re to take Psygonis’ word for it, and the resulting computer game bearing the same name will give fans of the books a chance to experience Discworld first-hand as the lovably zany Rincewind, inept student at the Unseen University for wizards in Ankh-Morpork.

Discworld works well as a Sierra-style adventure game, in which you meneauver your little character around screen, examine the world, use items, talk to characters and generally solve puzzles that will push the story along. This method of play fits in well with the flow of the books as well – characters pop up and say funny things, obstacles arise and are overcome, and a ramshackle plot sometimes assembles itself to give everything some meaning. As the story goes, a secretive brotherhood of hooded no-gooders summoned a dragon to terrorize the people of Discworld, and it’s your job to find out how to stop it.

None of the game should be taken seriously. Since this game was made with the help of Pratchett, his gags, wordplay and banter are expectedly spread across the entire game. They’re competently performed by well-chosen voice actors, including Monty Python’s Eric Idle and Jot Pertwee. Lines both witty and groan-inducing are spoken back and forth between characters, to the point of feeling like you’re playing through a comedy sketch.

17This is not to say there is nothing to do but listen to jokes. You also solve puzzles. The ones found here are definitely challenging, though some can potentially screw you into a dead end if you do the wrong thing in the wrong order – such puzzles be damned. A few of the puzzles are just crazy hard – like putting the octopus in the outhouse toilet then drugging him with love potion custard so that he will grasp the fishmonger who is forced to rush into the outhouse with diarrhea because you have fed him prunes in order to steal his belt buckle from the pants around his ankles from underneath the door. Yes, really!

Discworld has some moments of genuine whimsy in it, with funny writing that captures Pratchett’s tone perfectly. It’s a surefire if you’re a fan of the books, or simply a general aficionado of point and click adventures with notably tough puzzles.

System Requirements: Pentium 75 MHz, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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