2H.E.D.Z.’s basic premise is that identical-looking, time-traveling aliens discover Earth and capture humans, and assume their forms after disposing of their heads. This sounds rather gross, but the game’s action is actually cartoon-ish. The head-wearing aliens all look like caricatures (giant heads, tiny bodies) of all kinds of human stereotypes—and a few that aren’t human at all. Carnival knife throwers, Nazi soldiers, dancing Elvis characters, motorcycle cops, and trolls are just a few of the 255 head types available to collect.

Each head confers certain abilities on the wearer. Rate of fire, range, and strength of weapons all vary by head, as do running speed and jumping ability. Some heads have weapons that arc over barriers or explode, others ride useful vehicles, and a few have special abilities (like medics, who can heal injured heads). Switching to the right head for the task at hand is about the only strategic choice a player has to make.

The game environments themselves are pretty arcade, and cartoonish. Players go through the usual rigmarole of throwing switches, collecting keys, jumping onto boxes, and navigating simple mazes while blasting the enemy. In fact, the overall feel of the game environment (and its abstract bouncing cash/head/key icons) is strongly reminiscent of console games targeted at younger kids.

Still, if kids are the target audience, the underlying story is a bit over the top. Adult players, on the other hand, are likely to find the game lacking in challenge and rather silly. A clearer focus on one market or the other would have made this a better game.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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