Tetris Gold

While Tetris had become one of the best-selling, most widely ported games in histroy, far fewer people are familiar with the history behind it all. Created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, the game serendipitously escaped the confines of the former Soviet Union two years later, and was published in the United States on both PC and Commodore 64. It eventually saw action on a huge number of systems, ranging from bulky arcades to handhelds.

Snap102Tetris Gold is a collection of every Tetris game released by Spectrum Holobyte, from the Soviet version, to the classic 1986 release, and going all the way to the Windows 3.1 release. A few odd experimental takes on the classic also pop up, such as Wetris (where you arrange the pieces on the bottom of a four-sided 3D box as they fall off the sides). Many of the versions let you choose from several difficulty levels, keep a high-score table and don’t require you even install the game package (you can play straight off the CD).

System Requirements: 8088 / 8086, 640 KB RAM, DOS

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