Lode Runner The Legend Returns

8Revisiting an 80s classic.

Lode Runner Legends is a complete remake of the original classic from the 1980s. The concept behind the game is simple – run your little miner around, gathering up gold and avoiding dangers. Find every lump of gold and you can finish the level. While gold digging, you could blast the earth, run, climb and fall. It’s a unique combination of simple action and puzzle-solving. You’re not alone in these levels – little critters called ‘cloakies’ come after you, but they appear only after level 3.

They run at you constantly, but part of the fun is evading them and figuring out how to outsmart them. At times, avoidance isn’t enough, and you’ll have to use your mining blaster to create a hole in the ground. They’ll fall in and you can run over them to escape. The cloakies present yet another challenge when they’ll pick up and steal the gold!

Moving around the various levels is a treat. You’ll climb ladders constantly, but at times you’ll need to make really difficult leaps, or scale across gaping chasms. You’ll fortunately find a good assortment of tools and weapons to help you along – jackhammers, pickaxes, keys and bombs. In short, there are levels aplenty to keep you running, mining and digging your way through Lode Runner’s great assortment of creative levels.

System Requirements: 80386/33 MHz, 2 MB RAM, Win95

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