Snap6_1_1Clone by Antares Productions has a unique premise that makes it a very interesting puzzle game. Here, you control one or more blue ball thingies as you try to navigate them through increasingly difficult levels. The challenge is that you have to move them simultaniously, and a lot of the puzzles rely on synchronizing their movements to get them to the location you want. The purpose of each level is to get every blue ball to the teleporter. Along the way you’ll face some very unusual obstacles.

Almost all of the levels rely on solving these puzzles at your own pace, and there are no ‘lives’ or time limit to each level. You can restart at any time if you mess up and do the wrong thing, though this does lend to some frustration at times. Some of the later levels become an exercise of trial and error, and you’ll find yourself redoing the same puzzles again and again until you arrive at the part that got you killed the last time. It’s repetitive, but the game would hardly be fun if it weren’t challenging. Lastly, some levels rely exclusively on difficult timed puzzles, and they can become somewhat annoying with the game’s not-always-responsive directional controls.

But overall, it’s a game well worth playing. The catchy music, great interface, plus a large amount of intuitive levels ensure that you’ll have Clone around on your hard-drive for some time.

System Requirements: 80386/33 CPU, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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