Sniper: Path of Vengeance

Sniper: Path of Vengeance takes place in a decadent city where corruption and crime are rampant. You play Dominick Trulione, a deadly hitman who’s caught in the midst of a crime war that’s erupting on the streets. You’re betrayed by your employers, framed, drugged and thrown into prison. After shooting your way out of jail, you undertake a maniacal mission of vengeance against those who deceived you.

There are over 25 levels in Sniper. Most take place in urban streets, mansions and narrow underground tunnels. None of the maps are particularly inspired in appearance or design, while the locations of the various criminal gangs make little sense. You move from one level to the next at illogical times, and that’s when the game doesn’t crash to your desktop for no reason.

5_1You’ll find a lot to interact with while roaming through the game. Some items can be moved or exploded, while you can collect health, medicine, weapons, ammunition and special equipment. Similar to other first-person shooters, switches, doors and elevators are activated when you get close to them and press the action key. There’s also thin RPG element here. Medpacks, food, power-ups and painkillers can be stored and used. Medpacks and food restore your health, while power-ups and painkillers temporarily decrease the damage when you get shot.

At your disposal is a small variety of weapons: a police nightstick, a Glock revolver, a Smith & Wesson pistol, a Mossberg automatic shotgun, a Sig 551-p continuous fire rifle, an FN P90 silenced gun, a Mac 10 Ingram, an HK G8 machine gun, an M-14 sniper rifle and hand grenades. Each is reasonably authentic in its appearance and operation. However, in stark contrast to the best first-person shooters, Sniper doesn’t contain a single armament that hasn’t been seen in dozens of previous releases. Moreover, not one weapon packs the kind of wallop that makes one eagerly anticipate its use against adversaries.

The combat is bloody but not particularly satisfying. Although you fight several types of adversaries, they all behave and react remarkably similar as you mow them down. Surprisingly, you can simply undertake a “blow everything to smithereens” approach to wading through all the bad guys standing between you and the end of each level. Despite the name of this offering, very little of the action takes place using a sniper rifle. At the end of it all, it’s a humdrum shooter with little charm or fun.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 128

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