Metal Marines

The Earth has been destroyed by a horrible war. Weapons of great power have shattered the land into islands, each formed by fragmented societies. In Metal Marines, a strategy game with an anime theme (you don’t see that too often), your goal is to build up your area while attacking your opponents. Gameplay is a cross between SimCity and Missile Command, using the standard and quite unappealing Windows 3.1 interface to organize the actionì.

4The player controls logistics of the base to ensure that there are the necessary assets to wage war. On each map, the player places three underground command bases, if all of these are destroyed the battle is lost. The player must manage the resources of their money to construct new buildings or upgrade existing facilities on the map. Different buildings include Energy Plants, Factories, Economic Centers, Radar systems, Anti-Aircraft missiles, fake buildings and fake HQ bases, mine fields, gun pods, missile launchers, metal marine hangers or ICBMs.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, DOS

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