Quarterback Attack

5_1Quarterback Attack is an FMV football game where you play as a quarterback. You start as a rookie facing his first game as starting quarterback. The game is video heavy – after watching a video of a kickoff and return, you’ll select your choice of play, assign a snap count, then watch as the camera pans up and down the line of scrimmage. On the running plays, you have no control beyond the timing of the snap count; on passing plays, you see the action from behind the quarterback — until you hit a key to zoom in on a particular receiver and throw the ball.

On the easiest difficulty settings (there are six), completing passes is simply a matter of clicking the mouse at the right time; on the higher levels, you actually have to lead the receiver by placing a target cursor. Surprisingly, it’s here that Quarterback Attack works best. You can really get involved in the action as you read the defense and call audibles to take advantage of defensive maneuvers.

The game does have some key issues. The most glaring problem one is the 320 x 200 video quality, which was pretty low res even for its time. It makes for a fairly grainy picture, and there’s also little variety – chances are good that you’ll see the same video clip more than once before the first quarter is out, and by the time you’ve played two or three games… well, you get the idea. It’s no surprise, considering the game only ships on one CD. A pittance for any game which relies heavily on FMV.

System Requirements: Intel i486/66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, DOS 4.2

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