Quake – Cheat Codes

Press ~ (tilde) to access the console, then enter the following:

give all
give weapons
give ammo
impulse 9
impulse 11
map x
sv_gravity #
skill #
give invulnerability
give red key
give blue key
give armor
give bodyarmor
give combat armor
give #
give C #
give H #
give N #
give R #
give S #
God mode
All items
All weapons
Replenish ammo
All weapons and items
Get 1 rune. Enter again for all four runes.
Jump to any map. See map list below!
Fly mode
No clipping mode
Enemies ignore you
Set gravity to #
Set skill 0 , 1 , 2 or 3 , where 0=easy and 3=nightmare
Full health
Get red key
Get blue key
Get armor
Get bodyarmor
Get combat armor
Get # weapon. 2=shotgun, 3=super shotgun 4=nailgun , etc.
Gives charge amount of entered # (0 to 255)
Gives health amount of entered # (0 to 32767)
Gives nail amount of entered # (0 to 255)
Gives rocket amount of entered # (0 to 255)
Gives shell amount of entered # (0 to 255)

Other Useful Console Commands

mlook – enable mouse look
kill – instant death
cl_forwardspeed # – forward speed movement
cl_backspeed # – backward speed movement
cl_sidespeed # – sidestepping speed movement
sv_stopspeed # – time it takes to stop moving

Map List

start – the introduction level, in which you select difficulty and which episode
e1m1 – The Slipgate Complex
e1m2 – Castle of the Damned
e1m3 – The Necropolis
e1m4 – The Grisly Grotto
e1m5 – Gloom Keep
e1m6 – The Door to Chthon
e1m7 – The House of Chthon
e1m8 – Ziggurat Vertigo (a hidden level)
e2m1 – The Installation
e2m2 – The Ogre Citadel
e2m3 – The Crypt of Decay
e2m4 – The Ebon Fortress
e2m5 – The Wizard’s Manse
e2m6 – The Dismal Oubliette
e2m7 – The Underearth (a hidden level)
e3m1 – Termination Central
e3m2 – The Vaults of Zin
e3m3 – The Tomb of Terror
e3m4 – Satan’s Dark Delight
e3m5 – The Wind Tunnels
e3m6 – Chambers of Torment
e3m7 – The Haunted Halls (a hidden level)
e4m1 – The Sewage System
e4m2 – The Tower of Despair
e4m3 – The Elder God Shrine
e4m4 – The Palace of Hate
e4m5 – Hell’s Atrium
e4m6 – The Pain Maze
e4m7 – Azure Agony
e4m8 – The Nameless City (a hidden level)
end – Shub-Niggurath’s Pit


  • The game was originally supposed to have 3D explosions, but this was dropped in favor of 2D sprite, as 3D explosions would have had higher system requirements.
  • The game could support up to 32 players online, a first in gaming at the time.
  • Quake was originally designed to be a role-playing game, but the concept was dropped several months into development and its creators went for a more traditional shoot ’em up. Yet the dark medieval theme and some of the enemies, such as the Knight, was kept in the game.
  • The ammo boxes for the Nailgun, marked NIN, actually stands for Nine Inch Nails.