Mindless gameplay and gratuitous MS-DOS violence.

In the post-apocalyptic Quarantine you play as Drake Edgewater, a 21st-century cabby trying to drive and shoot his way out of Kemo – a city that’s degenerated into a full-blown combat zone after being abandoned by the authorities.

1Your Hovercab is initially equipped with .22-caliber machine guns. These popguns are okay for human targets, but it takes repeated bursts from them to bring down even hovercycles, so upgrading to cannon, missiles, flamethrowers, and mines is essential. You’ll also need other accessories like armor, batteries, and nitro. Earning the cash to buy that stuff means hauling fares, and some very weird folk will be riding in your hack (normal fashion accessories in Kemo include hockey masks and bedroom slippers).

The real fun in Quarantine is in the frenetic, bloody action. The sound effects are great (love the sound of the Punisher cannon!), and the 3D animation engine is smooth and convincing. Better yet, there are a lot of realistic touches amidst all the destruction. Vehicles that have taken damage will eventually careen into a wall and explode; missiles continue on their path until they hit a target or vanish from sight; mines blast your Hovercab skyward; and, best of all, the aggression level of the various gangs in the city increases based on the number of times you’ve attacked them. Keep blasting them, and you’ll get swarmed.

Quarantine’s an interesting distraction for every arcade fan. It’s not quite Carmageddon, and not quite Death Rally, but has its own odd brand of science fiction weirdness.

System Requirements: 80386 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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