Prehistorik 2

Prehistorik 2 takes up the story of its predecessor as another caveman platformer. From the combat, side-view camera and level design, just about everything in Prehistorik 2 has been improved upon, and is in fact the most famous game out of the two. The levels are now free-scrolling, and the camera is surprisingly competent at following your droopy, club-wielding persona. His swings feel a lot more natural this time around, so you won’t need to smash the spacebar to take down pesky enemies. Even better, you have a chance of retrieving some energy from enemies that hit you. You can still take some damage before dying, although not as much. Checkpoints help ease some frustration when you do die.

10_1The levels are challenging but not extremely frustrating. They’re scattered with hidden goodies like french fries, burgers, fruit, raw ham or eggs, increasing your score and possibly giving you access to the bonus stage should you find all of it. Much of the secrets can be found randomly by smashing around with your club. Hazards include the usual bears, spiders, dinosaurs, giant fireflies and other monsters, as well as level-specific dangers like spikes or deadly pits.

There’s still no saving system around but the passwords used to access the later levels aren’t that much of a hassle. Passwords for every level can be found written in various places and they are different on every computer. You also encounter bosses and the fights are more creative this time around. In addition, the game includes hidden locations, multiple level exits and hidden levels.

System Requirements: 80386 CPU, 2 MB RAM, DOS 5.0

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