1_1Say goodbye to your spacebar key.

Prehistorik is a side-view platformer with a funny spin to it. You go around as a caveman and knock out bears, dinosaurs, giant bats, spiders and other assorted prehistoric minions with your trusty club. You go around collecting fruit, chunks of meat and other pickups to raise your score and increase your health bar, and have to find the level exit. It’s all very colorful and funny, and it looks great in VGA.

Despite having a useful health bar – you can take multiple hits before dying – the game is pretty darn difficult. The most annoying part, besides the jumping that requires extreme precision, is the combat. You basically have to tap the spacebar to swing your club like there’s no tomorrow, and must keep doing it until an enemy walks into your swings and is rendered unconscious for a few seconds (allowing you to ‘pick’ them up). It’s too much of a hassle, as well as undue punishment for your innocent keyboard.

System Requirements: 80386 CPU, 2 MB RAM, DOS 5.0

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