Darkened Skye

15_1The best Skittles-based game ever made.

And yeah, that’s probably because Darkened Skye is the only Skittles-based game ever made. To its credit, it’s a fairly competent action adventure for a budget release. You play as Skye, a girl who jumps and fights through the land of Lynlora in search of magic Skittles. But the evil Lord Necroth has captured all the Skittles in the realm, and it’s up to you to defeat his army and restore power to the great rainbow. Seriously.

Surprisingly, it’s a real game — so we’re going to pay it some respect, and not sugar-coat our review. Skye is an average adventure, crafted in the spirit of Tomb Raider. On the surface it’s a stereotypical platform game, complete with jumping puzzles and Skittles spells. But the crafty designers have also added a lot of sarcasm and spirit, almost redeeming their low-budget effort.

I get the impression that the developers were handed a Skittles brand and maybe some broad strokes for a design document, then ordered to produce a game. The humor was probably their way of staying sane. The characters are full of amusing remarks and little quips, poking fun at the game on more than one occasion. Spoofs are found at every corner, while above-par voice-acting suits the style as well. And aside from the circa-1990 jumping puzzles, some challenges have you actually manipulating the environment like a proper adventure game. Nothing too fancy, though.

With a game like this, expectations are never too high. But Darkened Skye manages to pull off a surprising amount of chuckles with its well-written dialogue. Just forget about the cheesy plot progression and let yourself enjoy the game as if it were a console port. With Skittles.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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