Plunder & Pillage

For whatever reason, Plunder & Pillage – a home project that took the original Duke 3D engine and turned it into a swashbuckling pirate adventure – was never finished. The game linked here is the shareware version containing three levels, three weapons and three enemy types.

The PC game is a simple Duke Nukem 3D conversion. You pick up cases of rum instead of medkits and shoot pirates instead of assault troopers. You start with a fairly obvious reskin of the pistol as your base weapon (now a semi-auto flintlock), and will also find the blunderbuss (shotgun) later on. Duke’s mighty foot has been reskinned as a pirate’s cutlass.

12One major problem with Plunder & Pillage is that even the shareware version is pitifully short. You can blast right through it in less than an hour. The action itself is pretty damn unbalanced as well – the starter level is much more tougher than the final ones. Health kits and ammo pick-ups are sparse or well hidden, and the enemy pirates can do an ungodly amount of damage, even on the lower difficulty. Attacking them with the sword in close quarters is still good fun though.

Visually the game is more or less a reskin of the original Duke, but the pirate theme is nicely handled here. Most of the textures are new, as are the sounds and game interface. Not only is it sorta funny when your character goes ‘Arrghh’ each time you pick something up, but the environments (filled with parrots, rum, treasure chests and Jolly Rogers) does make it seem like someone busted ass to deliver a believable fresh visual style to the aging Build engine.

System Requirements: 80486/66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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