Pirates: Captain’s Quest

Being released by the Discovery Channel, Pirates: Captain’s Quest veers on edutainment in its presentation. In it, you can learn quite a bit about seamanship and the islands of the Caribbean. You can sail for multiple nationalities and engage in various quests in the game. Each quest, besides requiring player characters to plunder or sink a number of ships and gather gold, also requires them to discover one new historical fact, such as how Dutchman Peter Stuyvesant lost his leg in battle. Sailing the ship to the location where the historical event took place triggers the event.

9_1You can a lot of other general stuff, however. Accumulate gold, establish trading sites and possibly sink enemy ships, or find clues that help you solve quests. You can of course navigate in your ship on the high seas, where you can participate in two activities – battle and exploration. You let cannonballs fly and try your best to bring down enemy ships. Exploration involves visiting various islands and establishing trade. Once an island is discovered, you land, and are presented with several buildings. You can then trade in commodities – all very Pirates! tier retro gaming.

Sailing the ship takes place from a view just behind the main mast, where all controls are easily accessible. Clicking just to the left and right of the mast will change the ship’s direction. Viewing the sails and clicking on them (or using the keyboard strokes) will raise or lower them, affecting the speed of the ship. A compass is in the lower portion of the screen, and a large map of the area is accessible from the menu bar. Cannons are present on either side of the vessel, and either clicking on a particular cannon or pressing the appropriate key will launch a salvo of cannon shot.

The edutainment aspect involves The Chronicle, an encyclopedia that you can pull up and read various information about sailing, pirating and Caribbean history. At its core, it’s an old if somewhat well polished Pirates! clone, but with more educational-related reading on the side.

System Requirements: Intel i486 DX, 4 MB RAM, Win 3.1

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