Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling

A bowling game. Though it features hardware-accelerated 3D visuals, Brunswick Bowling isn’t much of a looker – the simplistic player skins, cardboard-cutout audience and utter lack of variety between bowling alleys make that much pretty clear. But you do get the goods where they really count, namely the physics. Bowling balls roll accurately, taking oil patterns, added spin, angular momentum and all manner of physical notions into account.

The game itself offers various modes of play- a career mode in which your stats, earnings and accomplishments are an ongoing tally, a tournament or a quick match mode. Also on offer are various bios of famous world-class bowlers with their net worth and winnings on display, which, I imagine, bowling enthusiasts might find of interest.

As a bowling simulation it’s not really terrible. Balls are rated by hook, length, back-end reaction, traction, and so on. The different lanes have different oil patterns, which changes over the course of a match as the lanes become worn, and pins are thrown around very realistically.

Unfortunately, the game uses the old tri-click method of bowling. While perfectly acceptable, it lacks the hands-on “feel” of being in a bowling alley. Your involvement is limited to preliminary tinkering of your shots, after which you view your character do his thing, again and again and again. It’s as repetitive as it sounds, and the game’s concept and minimalistic visuals become bland and tiresome after about twenty minutes of playtime. Take my advice and spare yourself the trouble, and go out bowling with your friends (which is infinitely more amusing).

System Requirements: Pentium 133, 16 MB RAM, 5 MB HDD Space, Windows 95/98

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