Exile III: Ruined World

5Exile III is a significant improvement over the previous installments. Not only are the graphics better, but there are more character icons to choose from as well as character traits and available items. The story and depth of this game is also extremely vast. Once immersed in the game, it’s really hard to get out. In contrast to the previous parts, Exile III has you wandering the surface world. That alone provides hours of gameplay. Throw in tons of cities, NPCs, quests and subquests, and you have a game that could potentially last a month!

In Exile, you were cast down into the underworld by the Empire. In Exile II, you claimed the pit as your own, and fought off the Empire. In Exile III, your battle is to return home, to return to the surface and the sunlight you had thought lost forever. The problem – the surface is being destroyed, and nobody knows how or why. Move fast, or there will be nothing left for you to return to.

System Requirements: 486 66MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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