Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2

Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 depicts the FIA Formula One series, but never states as much. The cars and teams are fictitious but closely modeled after 1998 F1 cars. By the same token, the tracks are rarely (Monaco excepted) identified by name, but seem to be exact replicas of the circuits that host the F1 circus every year.

1_1There is the normal crop of features: single race, season, multi-camera angle replays, engine /transmission /chassis tuning, and in-car telemetry. Besides the aforementioned contests racers may also choose to run a scenario or career. When racing scenarios the driver chooses a specific circumstance, such as racing an under-powered car in a Belgian downpour, and attempts to meet the victory conditions. Conversely, in career mode gamers race several seasons. Initially they compete in a mediocre car, but will eventually win the coveted world championship.

Then there’s the Retro Race. Gamers are plopped into the seat of a vintage Formula One car, circa 1950-something. These are powerful cars, with poor handling and even worse brakes. The challenge is fun and the scenery of a young Watkins Glen (when it used to include the town) or post-war Great Britain. Don’t be confused, the Retro Race is no rival for Grand Prix Legends, but it’s an entertaining diversion.

These are powerful cars (700-800 horsepower) and you can feel it. The cars, as their real world counterparts, accelerate and brake with neck-snapping quickness. A Formula One car can scream from zero to 60 MPH and back to zero in less than three seconds, and these steeds are no less blazing.

5_1The driving model holds firm in the garage as well. Gamers can use telemetry to note where they lag behind the other cars and employ the basic engineering discussed in the user’s manual to improve their mount’s performance. Need more top end for Monza’s long straights? Flatten the wings. Need less oversteer? Soften the rear anti-sway bar. The possibilities might not be infinite, but there sure as hell give this racer plenty of options do explore before driving down at 300 mph.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win98

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