Microsoft Encarta 97

Encarta 97 is an interactive, multimedia encyclopedia that can be used for information, education, or entertainment. Microsoft has been making yearly re-releases of Encarta for some time, introducing new features and multimedia, and the 1997 edition is no different. It includes over 31,000 articles (6,000 are new or revised), 35 new videos, and 6,000 new photos.

Snap104Encarta’s media section contains 13,803 items. It consists of photos, sound clips and video clips. All are included in an index list like the articles. Along with all this media is even a small trivia game called Mindmaze. The player can choose from different categories of questions and levels of difficulty. You are given a question worth points and the longer you take to answer, the more points you lose. A correct answer will lead you through an ancient castle room by room. A small maze screen helps you keep track of your progress as you work your way to the finish shown on the screen.

System Requirements: 486DX/33, 8 MB RAM, Win95

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