Santa Fe Mysteries: The Elk Moon Murder

Following the murder and robbery of Anna Elk Moon, Santa Fe Mysteries allows you to do some retro police work in this fairly typical first-person FMV adventure. Your partner, fellow investigator John Night Sky, will ask all the questions. You do get to choose which questions he asks, however, and follow whichever leads suit your fancy. Night Sky will be happy to supply his own opinion. You will need a scorecard to keep up with who’s sleeping with whom. This complicates the investigation more than a little, since almost nobody is willing to tell the truth about where they were on the night of the murder. The general acting is fine if nothing spectacular.

4The one resource you need to keep track of in this game is time. Asking questions costs you time, and you must wrap up the case in an allocated time frame. You thus arrive in situations where you can’t afford to question everybody on everything. The purpose of interrogation is to finally get an arrest warrant, which requires some incriminating evidence. You need a motive and an alibi that’s less than airtight before you can file the paperwork and lock up your suspect. Wasting too much time early on can doom your chances of success, and require a complete restart.

Helping you fight crime is your trusty PDA. This hand-held gizmo lets you review interview footage and notes, sort files, receive orders from headquarters, etc. It’s a nice tool to help you along. At the end, however, there’s little incentive to replay the game, which can be wrapped up quite quickly anyway. Once you know which false leads not to follow, you can easily wrap up the entire game in one afternoon.

System Requirements: 80486/33 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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