Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred Ground

7_1Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred Ground is yet another forgettable FMV point and click adventure, sequel to the previous game – Elk Moon Murder. You return to Santa Fe as the nameless homicide investigator. You’re tasked with a new case – a kidnapping this time – and you get a PDA and an Indian dude to help you along. Many aspects are reused in this game, including the map and general gameplay. You visit various crime scenes, collect evidence, interrogate witnesses, cross examine their alibis and, eventually, catch suspects, all under a limited time frame.

Just like in its predecessor, there aren’t really any puzzles in the Sacred Ground. Except for one (sort of), which is getting the arrest warrant. That’s the only place in the game which tests if the player had been paying any attention at all and not just blindly clicking with the mouse on anything that moved. The acting, naturally, is typical B movie material, none of which is memorable or especially fun to watch. The scenes and story are likewise forgettable, as was the case with many such games released in the 90s.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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