Hoyle Blackjack

If you’ve played a couple of Hoyle Casino games then you already know they all include Blackjack. It’s a popular game, and you can’t really run a successful gambling den without it. So why would you want this singular package over the plethora of games you traditionally find in Hoyle Casino?

The answer, of course, is depth and detail, with Hoyle Blackjack offering the sort of minute specifics to qualify it as a proper simulation. You get a choice of several core rule-sets or adjust the rules yourself. You can select how many times you’re allowed to split or whether you can buy insurance. You can even adjust how efficiently the dealer shuffles the deck between hands! Suck at card counting? The game does it for you, making it easier to determine what your next move should be.

If you thought Blackjack was simple then think again. Sierra goes overboard on the options.

If you thought Blackjack was simple…

You can also play in either traditional or tournament mode, tinker with the minimum or maximum betting limits and keep track of your gaming history and high scores via detailed statistic screens. Every option and rule is described in the help window, where you read up on inside playing tips straight from the pros.

In short, this is every serious Blackjack gamer’s dream come true. Being such a niche product, however, it essentially outclasses the rest of us rookie card players who don’t care to dabble in Blackjack specifics this deeply. But it’s just what the doctor ordered if you’re an aspiring Blackjack player eager to get into the thick of it all.

System Requirements: 66Mhz 486 Processor, 8 MB RAM, Windown 95

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