Harry Potter II: The Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter II: The Chamber of Secrets
Platforms: PC, GameCube, Macintosh, PlayStation 2, X-Box
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: KnowWonder
Genres: Adventure / Action Adventure
Release Date: November 8, 2002
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

8Charming, simple fun.

Harry Potter 2’s gameplay borrows heavily from the Zelda school of adventuring, but the appeal of playing a boy wizard at Hogwarts retains its own rewards. Like the movie its based upon, Harry Potter 2 is full of charm, colorful characters and simple fun. It’s an action adventure that is still primarily marketed towards kids, with a suitably easy difficulty level, and also a great deal of control and gameplay improvements that make it loads more playable than the previous game.

A linear adventure game, your tasks will vary each day and they range from completing obstacle courses to playing in Quidditch matches. The spell system is remarkably simple – though you need to complete a minigame ripped straight out of Guitar Hero to unlock new spells, once learned, it’s merely a matter of holding down the mouse button to aim your wand and releasing it to cast. This simple system leaves little room for any creativity, however, since everything in the game has its own assigned spell that auto-activates once you hover your crosshair over it.

This may sound simplistic, but really the game is more about puzzle-solving than combat. Even where monsters are used as obstacles, they perform more as puzzle objects than genuine threats (a common trick, for instance, is to stun enemies and push them over pressure plates to unlock doors). Another bit of the game is the platforming, which is also easy to grasp. Perhaps one reason why the game plays so easily is thanks to the upgraded camera and controls, which are both leagues better than those of the first game. You can now sidestrafe, jump and look around without any restrictions.

The Quidditch matches have also received a makeover – it is played on broomsticks and it is a little like basketball because you have to get a ball through a hoop. However, there is another ball that the opposing team hits with a stick in order to “peg” the player with the ball and make him drop it. Finally, there is a player whose only job is to catch a tiny golden ball called the Snitch which is worth 150 points. This is Harry’s job.

16One of the reason why Harry Potter 2 is so fun has to do with all of the stuff you can do. Though linear at its core, there’s always something a little different and new around the corner. First your platforming through a dungeon, then you’re playing Quidditch, then you get a nifty invisibility cloak which you must use to sneak around. In between these adventures you can explore Hogwarts, find secret chests, collect wizard cards or just chat up with the other wiz kids. It’s all good, simple fun that will doubtlessly charm the fans of the movie and book series.

System Requirements: Pentium III 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 500 MB HDD, Win95/98

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  1. Carlos says:

    Hi guys , please give me the code to instal the game


  2. open How To Install.nfo with Notepad

  3. phil says:

    how to play with CD free harry potter 2 on PC ? It ask to insert a CD to play and I don’t get it. I downloaded the game on your website. thank for the answers !!!

  4. 1. Mount with PowerISO, install game
    2. Use serial 1740-9488245-5171152-5225
    3. Copy crack from virtual CD into game folder
    4. Leave virtual CD mounted when playing.

  5. Jetmir says:

    plz give me the code

  6. Dude, maybe read the comment above YOUR comment ?

  7. Ben says:

    Thanks youre the best

  8. WoTRULEZ says:

    I have installed the game but whenever I attempt to open it, I receive ‘Please login with administrator privileges’. Also, when attempting to ‘run as administrator,’ nothing happens. Can you please help me out

    FYI I’m using Windows10.

  9. ErkerdeBerker says:

    WoTRULEZ If you open the downloaded RAR file in Poweriso, you see a folder named crack. In that folder you have a file named game.exe. You need to extract that file. Now, you also have a game.exe file in the folder of the game you’ve already downloaded (mine was in Program Files (x86) \ EA Games \ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets \ system). You need to replace that game.exe folder with the one you’ve extracted from the crack folder. Then the game should start up. The only problem for me, as I have with all of the old HP games, is that it lags incredibly, but that might be fixed with frolicking around in the game’s settings. Hope this helped!

  10. Patrick shane says:

    I got all the files in place what do I do when I keep getting this critical error and can’t play the game because of it

  11. Tesla says:

    Can you run the game ? On main menu, click options, click Video, Direct3D Renderer and a resolution. Click OK.
    Or… https://oldpcgaming.net/how-to-run-any-game-on-win-7-8-10/

  12. gameboi says:

    once I downloaded it, I tried opening it and a message saying “how do you want to run this file”. What do i do?

  13. Ameko says:

    For those who experience huge lags – please turn on 32bit color in options once you are in game

  14. mnour says:

    I copied the crack in the game folder and already installed the game but continuously show me the message “please insert the correct CD” what should I do???

  15. Val says:

    When I want to start the game it says that Window.dll is missing from my computer. What does it mean?

  16. HumbleServant says:

    This game was my whole childhood and only because of you was I able to relive this joy. I truly thank you for this incredible gift.
    To anyone having problems, the game file needs to be copied/dragged into the virtual machine. Then watch the video and that will solve all the problems.

  17. Someone says:

    I have Mac and I installed it using Wine. Everything seemed ok up to the point when I press PLAY and nothing happens. Any advice on what to do about this?

  18. Hairy Potter says:

    Hey, I’d love to have a nice nostalgia trip and get the game to run without problems, except for the sound being scrambled like some kind of vermin radar.

    any1 got any idea what could causing it?, played around with surround/stereo/mono settings but no luck

  19. MyX says:

    Try to find a patch.

  20. Molly says:

    Can I install this on a mac?

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