Half-Life: Opposing Force

Half-Life: Opposing Force
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Developer: Gearbox Software
Genres: 3D Shooter / First Person Shooter
Release Date: November 1, 1999
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

Not as creative as its source material, but a great add-on nonetheless.

22_1Opposing Force lets you to experiencing the Half-Life story through the perspective of one of the grunts sent in to contain the alien invasion at Black Mesa, the ultra-secret research facility from the original game. You wear the boots of former U.S. Marine Adrian Shephard, now transferred to a special detachment known as the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU), and find yourself en-route to an undisclosed location via Osprey transport choppers when things suddenly go to hell. The opening segment is every bit as creepy as that of Half-Life.

Opposing Force flows naturally alongside the main storyline, allowing you to catch subtle glimpses of events and locations from the first game. Even though you’ll revisit a few places from the original, it doesn’t feel in the least like recycled material, but rather gives off eerie feelings of deja-vu. It really does feel like you’re venturing into new undiscovered parts of Black Mesa during the alien invasion. And if you remember the original game, you’ll know that the marines are hopelessly outmanned and outgunned.


This luckless marine got his head crabbed.

Not ten minutes into the game and the now-infamous order is received via radio: “Forget about Freeman.” The alien threat is too much, and all marines are ordered to pull out. But in a brilliant scripted scene, Shephard just misses the last chopper heading out, and suddenly the player’s M.O. is simply survival. In addition to most of the aliens we’re familiar with, Opposing Force introduces about ten new enemies. The lumbering insect-like Voltigore is one of them, meant to be an obvious fill-in for the Garg. Others are a lot faster, and one breed uses organic weapons which you can use yourself.

Several conventional and alien weapons have been included – the usable Barnacle (which also works as a makeshift grappling hook) is creatively implemented. A greater portion is made up of real-life military hardware such as heavy machineguns, sniper rifles, army knives and whatnot, all of which logically fit into the scenario. And in the end it does make more sense for the military guy to handle the rocket launcher, and not the egg-head scientist in a power suit.

Besides the new levels, monsters and various weapons, this expansion pack’s final notable attraction is the new squad AI. You’ll often find stranded soldiers here and there who can be ordered to follow and provide assistance, be it a Medic restoring some of your hitpoints, an Engineer for cutting through obstacles or a Heavy Machinegunner to just mow down enemies mercilessly. At best they offer alternate targets for the aliens (and the new Black Ops grunts), but fighting alongside them is actually good fun, even if the team-based aspect is used only in short spurts (you’ll chance upon a few survivors here and there, fight as a team for awhile, encounter a difficult obstacle and will have to leave them behind).

9_1On a few cool occasions they work as a puzzle element. One example is when you find a medic hanging around a locked door, urging you to find a way to open it. You enter a nearby warehouse, clear it and find a wounded engineer whom you have to heal using the medic. Then you lead the engineer to the locked door so he can force it open.  Simple little puzzles like this go a step beyond the expected switch-pulling and button mashing obstacles, of which there are plenty as well. But overall you have a stronger emphasis on clever puzzles than you had with the original.

Bad endings have been the downfall of a hundred good games, and unfortunately the same can be said here to some extent. The showdown with the final boss creature is little more than a disappointing exercise in puzzle-solving, highlighting a general fault with the expansion – while Gearbox did create good action and a few clever puzzles, it could never rise to the same level of awe-inspiring suspense encountered in the original. While such conundrums serve a great purpose in the middle of the game, an action title should have bookends of fiery missile-launching death.

But taken together, Opposing Force is a great continuation of Half-Life. It’s an enjoyable trip that’s just a bit short of the creative juices that its source material enjoyed, but one that provides enough action to warrant your time.

System Requirements: Pentium 133 Mhz, 24 MB RAM, 200 MB HDD, Win95/98

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi, I would like to know how to install half-life. I’ve downloaded Power ISO and half-life. File is extracted. What is the next step?

  2. Make sure you have Half-Life installed before installing HL Opposing Force

    And please don’t post comments like this. Most of them are deleted.

    Always read THIS first – https://oldpcgaming.net/tips-on-running-games/

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  4. masquedios says:

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  5. extract the file with winrar then extract crack zip in hl opposing force then you are done

  6. you fullfil my wish old pc gaming

  7. hassib sane says:


  8. bepop says:

    hi already have half life game, and downloaded this file. where to extract the files ?

  9. Samayan says:

    yeah bepop …………i also dont know where to install …………actually it is shown as a .bin file…….and then when i run autorun or setup ……it says install half life on your system then try reinstalling this Half Life Opposing Force ……………………..but actually i already have Half Life in my computer … …what to do someone please help?????

  10. Dhuka says:

    Thanks Admin for the game.

    For those who have problem installing this, noted that you’ll have to install half-life (HL) first (NOT the game of the year edition, please install the one in this website). For the first HL, you need to mount on two drives by PowerISO, run the installer as administrator, and key in the keygen to play. For this HL Opposing Force, simply extract the ‘hlof’, open the .iso file using PowerISO, mount on a drive, and run the installer as administrator. In the middle of installation you will be prompt to give a key. Just open the drive you mounted, search for ‘crack’, and click on the ‘OPFORKEY’. And walla, enjoy your childhood.

  11. Nick says:

    I have the iso mounted using PowerISO, but every time I try to start a game, it gives me an “unable to authenticate Oppoaing Force CD”. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Has anyone solved this issue?

  12. Grax says:

    Hi admin i cannot find the installation app on the zip

  13. BlueMinetic says:

    Hi OPG, i want to ask, the file link is on filedrop.com right? What’s the password?

  14. Password removed. Try now

    You need the original HL installed btw. The green button has the entire pack

  15. Lelk says:

    Hi I need a pasword to instal Opposing force where can I get one ?

  16. In the crack folder. Try searching

  17. Nick says:

    Has anyone else encountered an “Unable to authenticicate Opposing Force CD” error, and if so, has anyone found a fix for it?

  18. Use Utorrent to download the magnet link. try the installer inside

  19. Raven says:

    The game crashes “half life stopped working” when starting either New Game or Boot Camp. When starting Half Life, the game plays but I can see my desktop, however I hear game sounds and gordon’s movement.

  20. Feedz says:

    Is this corrupted please tell me i don’t know if it is so please fix this if this is a corrupted file please…

  21. Storm says:

    Hello would you add game Knights of honor ? its also old and good strategic game

  22. BarteQ6 says:


    I tried to play, but there’s problem with:

    “Could not link client.dll function HUD_PlayerMove”.

    In the “OPFOR.LOG” There’s:

    Could not execute the external program D:\Games\HALF-L~1\HALF-L~1\opforup.exe.”

    How can I fix it ? Please help.

  23. Download utorrent and press the magnet link here – https://oldpcgaming.net/half-life-review/

    it has an installer version that might work

  24. Hnae says:

    Thanks for the game, wherever i search this game, its package of hl+bs+op. But thanks to you guys, I can finally download this without no problem.

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