Shrek the Third

Movie to game transitions are nothing new, but since most of the them are average (at best) or god awful (at worst), you can’t help feel a little cynical about them. Shrek 3 walks the middle line, offering little novelty in its arcade presentation. If you’ve played any number of arcade action games (previous Shrek games included) then you have a solid idea on what to expect here.

Snap57Shrek 3 loosely follows the plotline from the animated movie with the same title. You play not only as Shrek but several characters from said movie (Donkey, Puss in Boots), as they set out to find the rightful heir to the throne and clobber an army of bad guys on the way… and also collect coins and fairy dust, punch boxes, flip levers and engage in simple platforming. The intended audience is comprised of kids ages 7 and up, but adults can increase the difficulty level and enjoy a modicum of challenge.

The game initially switches characters in a scripted manner, but later on you can do this on the fly when particular puzzles warrant it. These can range from simplistic tasks, such as opening a gate, to more complicated ones. Each level is broken down into smaller sections and one boss fight. Throughout each level, you will be faced with various puzzles that require you to use all of your team to accomplish. Simple yet effective contrivances like these will keep younger players in the game.

The only issue is that figuring out the controls are a bit difficult at first, since the game refuses to spell out what key does what in the tutorial section (you have to manually open the controls menu and memorize each key). Interestingly, Shrek the Third also includes a fairly full-fledged multiplayer mode. There are six simple yet enjoyable multiplayer games: Castle Attack, Catacombs Lead, Frog Herder, Shrekleboard, Ships Ahoy and Shooting Gallery.

System Requirements: Pentium III 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, WinXP

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