Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade

If you’ve ever heard of StarBreeze Studios, you might have played their previous game at some point – Enclave. It was a great looking action adventure with some fantastic animations, texture work and a simplified RPG framework. The game itself, unfortunately, played terribly, with uninteresting melee fights and completely forgettable puzzles. A couple of years later and we have Knights of the Templar, a game that mimics such titles as Blade of Darkness or Die By The Sword.

16_1The plot is simple. A Templar who goes by the unassuming name of Paul must put a stop to the plans of an evil Lord Bishop, fighting all manner of unholy spawn along the way. One can quickly spot the influence from Enclave. The focus is still on delivering an action adventure, with things to kill, doors to unlock and items to find. Different weapons get steadily unlocked as you hack your way through the levels, though the bulk of the game’s weapons are available quite early on. Four weapon sets – swords, axes, bows and the staff – can be found and used with various combo moves, Divine Powers and Special Attacks.

The action isn’t exactly broken, but nor is it ever inspiring or fun. It’s just a shell of other better games, with elements taken and thrown together in an effort to make something passingly interesting. Like Enclave, nothing here really entertains or makes me want to replay it. But unlike Enclave, the visuals and level architecture are bland as all hell. Massive changes in scenery throughout the 14 levels help keep things fresh – you’ll visit dark catacombs, bazaars, temples and medieval villages – but none of it looks particularly beautiful.

The same anemic approach can be found in the sound and music design, animations and gameplay. None of it is of particular interest, boiling down to the essentials – exploring, picking up useful objects, using them, fighting, gaining extra powers/moves, more fighting, exploring, searching and more fighting. It’s an endless, bland one trick pony who overstayed its welcome a couple of levels in.

System Requirements: Pentium III 750 MHz, 128 MB RAM, WinXP

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