Snap131_1From Polish developer Longsoft comes an old school turn-based strategy game in the Warlords tradition. Clash allows you to control towns, upgrade them with buildings and troops, and send out armies to explore and conquer in both solo (against the computer) and two-player campaigns. Everything is turn-based, from your building choices, troop movements on the main map to combat between clashing armies. Unlike Warlords or Heroes, Clash is simpler to learn, but some general imperfections, quaint graphics and interface quirks keep it inferior to its source material.

Building your castle up required balancing taxes with the number of peasants in the castle and is also just a tedious process of waiting for more money turn after turn. There are several improvements that you can make to the castle which improve your army production and allow you to produce new types of armies. The more improvements, the more variety and more powerful armies you can create, but it takes many turns to save enough gold to make the improvements.

Battles between armies are standard turn-based point and click exercises. The AI is aggressive – sometimes to its own disadvantage – so stocking up on troops inside your home town might be a good move. In the end there’s nothing here we haven’t seen already done in past games, but Clash ultimately doesn’t have any fatal flaws in its design. It also doesn’t have much excitement or charm. With no in-game tutorial, network support, or an engaging campaign to keep things interesting, Clash will likely only appeal to the die-hard turn-based strategy player.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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