Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye

Celtic Tales: Balor of the Evil Eye follows Koei’s emphasis on exhaustive historical research, total control over gameplay, and deep economic and wargaming aspects. In fact, Balor is so complex that most gamers, even strategy veterans, will find it intimidating and not all that fun. This isn’t a game for everyone. Only those with great patience and really big, pulsating, Mars Attacks-style brains will find this product truly entertaining.

6Despite it’s complexity, the basic idea is fairly simple. As the leader of one of eighteen tribes in the land of Eire, your must acquire wealth, land, and influence to become High Ruler of the kingdom. Once you have the people of Eire behind you, you must attempt to take on the mighty army of Balor and overthrow his evil reign. Aiding you in your quest is the somewhat flighty goddess Danu, several trusted advisors (slightly more reliable in a crunch, but without the same flair for fashion), and if you’re lucky, some of the heroes who walk the land.

Once you’ve got a basic team together, you’ll begin the laborious process of taking over Eire. More than just gathering an army and marching on the nearest town, you have to ensure that your army has leaders, your soldiers have food and money, and that your people are fed and protected from other invaders in your absence. In order to do all this, you must use your heroes not only as fighters, but also as farmers, explorers, and miners. When you run low on livestock, you can also ask your warriors to go on a cattle raid.

Keeping track of everything that’s going on in just one kingdom can be difficult, and when you amass several kingdoms, you’ll almost be forced to hire an aide to watch over a portion of your many holdings. The key to winning is a steady pursuit of new land, while making sure that everything is running smoothly back at home. Great warlords may win a few battles, but it’s the economic genius with the most territory who will overcome in the long run.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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