Warlords II

7Etheria is ripe for conquest in Warlords 2.

Warlords 2 is an eight-player game of tactics and wit. It’s the typical ‘conquer the world’ type of experience that we’ve seen in past games such as Empire. The player starts with just one city, and must capture other cities (enemy or neutral) to produce new units and generate gold. He must then explores the map (using limited movement points) until he finds enemies to conquer and resources to plunder.

When you set up on a campaign, you have three settings to choose from – Knight, Lord or Warlord. The chief difference between them is the degree of aggressiveness displayed toward expansionism. Knights are the most conservative, preferring to consolidate their holdings with strong defenses before venturing further. Lords are a little more opportunistic and Warlords are the most expansionist.

11A typical campaign in Warlords II begins with 80 cities on the map (you can also play smaller scenarios), most of which are neutral and must be brought under control. How those cities managed to exist with such militaristic neighbors is another matter. Neutral cities never attack, so the player doesn’t need to focus on defenses in the outset of a campaign. Because of this, early players do well to employ rushing tactics until you make contact with the other Warlords. Players can also opt for a quick start with neutral cities already dispersed among existing players.

A single display provides the current state of affairs between all the kingdoms. By referring to it frequently, the player can keep track of which nations are occupied elsewhere in the conflict, as well as those who are presumably building up their forces. By keeping your ambition in check, you can weed out and attack the weakest enemies one at a time.

If you’ve played any of the later Heroes games then you have a pretty good grasp of what Warlords is all about. In fact, you can find many ideas in those games here as well. You can, for instance, receive quests from temples (who can also bless you or offer information about the location of certain items or allies). And of course you train stacks of units that are lead by individual he… I mean Warlords, into glorious combat.

System Requirements: 80386/25 MHz, 4 MB RAM, Win 3.1

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