Arcade Pool

2We like Team17. They are most known for their old but gold Worms franchise, but before that they were creating various low-key arcade and puzzle games, one of which was Arcade Pool. The game has plenty of variation on the basic ball-in-pocket theme. You have the change to choose to do it the English or American way, with spots and stripes or reds and yellows, and in quick games or tournaments. If you take your pool games really seriously, you can reduce the amount of help given by the aiming tool or adjust the amount of friction on the table.

The emphasis on Arcade Pool is on easy control, but on a greater level it feels like it is mostly targeted at beginners. You could never really call this game ambitious. It won’t turn any heads from people expecting a genuine simulation, both in terms of physics or visuals.

System Requirements: 386 CPU, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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