Aliens vs Predator 2

Aliens vs Predator 2
Platforms: PC, Mac
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Developer: Monolith Productions
Genres: 3D Shooter / First-Person Shooter
Release Date: October 22, 2001
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

Aliens vs Predator 2 isn’t revolutionary, but it’s damn fun.

Monolith went to great lengths at ensuring the atmosphere and fun from the first AvsP game (then developed by Rebellion) would translate into this sequel, but was also keen on addressing numerous complaints from the first game. Aliens vs Predator was a good shooter, but one that was plagued by a steep learning curve, problematic AI and an utter lack of story. Having taken note of the mistakes its predecessor made, Monolith set out to create what is very possibly the best Aliens vs Predator game ever.

Another Bug Hunt


A spectacular view of LV-1201.

The action takes place on LV-1201, a bleak, stormy planet inhabited by a contingent of marines and scientists doing their corporate-sponsored research on Xenomorphs. Fans will remember this is not the same planet featured in the first two Alien movies, but then again it’s not all that different either. As expected, things go terribly wrong when an infestation goes out of control and leaves the ill-fated inhabitants nearly defenseless. Among the carnage you’ll find the Predators, an ancient race of tribal hunters that use high-tech gadgetry to pursue their goals. You’ll have a chance to play as any one of these three distinct races, in any order, as part of the game’s twenty-one mission singleplayer portion.

Lots of refurbishing went into level design, and boy does it ever show! As opposed to the first game, AvsP 2 is much more script-heavy in offering a more cinematic experience and a progressive story at the cost of replay value. Monolith took special note to make this sequel more accessible, and as such offered a permanent savegame feature (disabled on the highest difficulty level), thus fixing a key aggravation present in the first game.

Exterminating The Opposition

Also of special note is the balancing that went into the three playable races. The Colonial Marine’s campaign plays a lot like any shooter would. He’s got a cool little arsenal at his disposal to compensate for his fragile frame, starting with the iconic pulse rifle (which now fires at a slower rate), the auto-aiming smartgun, shotgun or armor-piercing minigun.

The same can’t be said for the Predator, who’s got a more specialized kit of ranged and melee weapons. While the Marine is a running tank, the Predator is akin to a stealth fighter just looming out of sight. Three different vision modes add greatly to his death kit – two that track either Humans or Aliens and one that works as a simple nightvision mode, and of course there’s the option to turn temporarily invisible.


Playing as the Alien.

The Alien is by far the fastest and most mobile of the three. As the Alien you can climb walls with lightning speed or plunge at a distant target with easy, but you’re completely limited to melee attacks. As far as the campaign goes, the Alien’s has to be one of the most creative, letting you take control as a newly hatched facehugger in search of an unwary victim, then later involving you in the chest-bursting process itself before you pupate into a fully-grown alien drone. Yet one more ace up the Alien’s scaly sleeve is its ability to spot pheromones given off by each species, rendering the Predator’s cloaking useless.

Scripting and more pronounced storytelling give the game a cinematic feel, although it’s worth noting that the plot is fairly jumbled to keep track of. To get some sense of the full picture, you’ll have to play through every campaign in part, and in a certain particular order. Each is somehow intertwined with the others – play as the Predator and you might get a glimpse of a Marine in a scripted event, only to realize it’s your own character as you play through his campaign. Don’t take this as a cheap tactic at recycling levels as all of the campaigns are fairly distinct (though of course some locations repeat).

While the original game did have its fans, the game fell short of a classic. This sequel, on the other hand, is a very playable and downright fun cinematic action experience, one that improves greatly upon the prequel while enhancing it in numerous ways. No matter how you play it, the game’s simply fast and great fun.

System Requirements: Pentium III 450 Mhz, 128 MB RAM, 16 MB Video, Win 98/ME/2K/XP

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  1. lsd-bunny says:

    the old avp2 thx bro lost my old cd 🙁

  2. lol no probs. btw love ur username bro 😀

  3. LSD-Bunny says:

    Its all in the D 😉

  4. George says:

    I get the installer open everything works fine, but then it asks me to insert disk 2, I choose the disk 2 file, it works until it reaches 100% then it says Error Number: 0x80040702 Failed to load dll: setup, setup will now terminate.

    Then it turns off, I have extracted the files, updated them, please help.

  5. No idea. Probably to do with the OS. If it reaches 100% then try to kill the installer when you get the error (and presumably when the installer will delete the game files). Otherwise it should work even if the installer crashes at 100%

  6. Abububuaba says:

    Win 8.1 🙁

    “Setup failed to run installation:
    The remote procedure call failed.”

    Very sad about it.

  7. Eric says:

    this game brings back so much joy

    you’re doing gods work old pc gaming <3

    now I just gotta get this bad boy to run

  8. hammerhead_snark says:

    So, I’m trying to install this thing. I’m having a series of small, yet VERY frustrating, issues.

    The first one is that whenever i select ‘Yes’ to installing DirectX 8, I always get a .dll error once the install bar hits 100%. Which is presumably bad.

    I also have VERY odd resolution, mouse, and graphics issues. For one, the HUD/GUI is NEVER centered on my screen. It’s always in the corner or just off the screen, and usually incredibly small. It makes it impossible to read certain things, and causes considerable issues trying to enjoy the opening cinematics.

    Once I start a game, though, this usually isn’t an issue. What IS an issue is the multitude of graphics bugs (giant black pieces of nothingness flying through the map, random artifacts popping up in the background) during cutscenes.

    I’m also unable to move my mouse, and any attempt to do so results in my view snapping down to the ground and spinning wildly whenever I attempt to move my cursor around. This makes it quite literally IMPOSSIBLE to play.

    Any assistance would be fantastic, as would a rundown of how you installed the game, OldPCGaming.



  9. Harold says:

    All you need to do to get it running properly is to run it in Windows 98 compatibility in the .exe properties. There’s also a mod which allows you to use custom widescreen resolutions, and even change the FOV:

  10. David says:

    Doesn’t work for me. Such a shame 🙁
    Various issues, main one being disc 1 iso does not burn properly.
    Won’t let me install because it insists there’s no disc in the drive.

    Tried compatability, running it on Win 98.
    Looking at the files on the disc, I can’t even open the Readme file, or any of the exe files, just says ‘ setup exe is not a valid win32 application’.

    I think the first disc is corrupted too?

  11. David says:

    Is there anyway of making it compatable with 64 bit?
    And why is it such an overlooked game when it comes to re-issues of old product by the majors, it was/is an absolute classic, especially the multi-player!

  12. Elder says:

    I’m trying to get it running but it won’t work. If I say yes to “Direct X” I get the “dll. desetup error” and if I say no it installs and then it says something about an error with “FTHUNK (KERNAL)” something.

    I really hope someone finds a fix. This is easily the greatest installment in the Alien and Predator franchise. Better than all the movies. The single player story is a masterpiece.

  13. Steve says:

    Yep same as above, dll.desetup error after installation at 100% and it fails. Please someone somehow fix this problem.

    Tried running it with old windows XP and it still gets a fatal error at 100% DX8, so strange

    And when it gives the option not to install DX8 it fails to start and says it is not installed correctly. And when i do select it, it gets to 100% and then says failed to load dll:dsetup setup will now terminate

    Also, when i install it without DX8 it says no AVP2.REZ file? I have tried manually download DX8 from and this seems to have no effect, can someone please help, idk where to get this avp2.rez file, and the DX8 installer just terminates at 100%….

    unhandled exception 0x80040702

  14. MrRichBOB says:

    Sweet! I’ve been waiting forever to play both titles! Does AVP 2 include Primal Hunt, or no? I’ll find out — probably have to set up an XP virtual machine, but that’s not hard: Windows 10 is… well if it’s not modern, you’re going to have some problems…

  15. ZTXH says:

    This is a sweet find. Luckily for all of us AVP 2 players, a fellow named TBBC has maintained a Dedicated Server network located at

    I had some trouble setting the game up on my modern rig, but here is a little troubleshooting thread the admins who lurk on their forum helped me out with:

    The Master Server Patch includes support for newer systems, balance changes (like getting rid of the double/triple shot glitch on Sniper Railgun… gah!), and access to a lot of servers without using GameRanger. Many of them are empty, but I know of at least 6 people including myself that are unique, perhaps more just waiting for others to populate.

  16. Karl says:

    Don’t forget to download our MOD MANAGER for avp2 @ (just scroll down)

    We also host some classic mods and one of the first custom avp2 skins.

    – W

  17. unknown says:

    the next vision doesnt work help

  18. Jono says:

    Anyone having trouble installing the game, after inserting disc 2 (I installed it through mounting ISO onto virtual drive) and getting an error number 0x800402…. failed to load dll; setup.

    The problem is with corrupted systems files on newer versions of Windows. What I did was open an admin command prompt and type in “sfc/scannow” then hit enter. Then restart the pc. Then try reinstalling, and should work after that.

  19. jack says:

    works brilliant for me on my potato pc that is using windows 7

  20. Nuttawet says:

    In Master Server Patch, when i try to install it, it keeps saying, “AvP 2 Master Server Patch 2.3.2” “Setup could not find a valid Aliens vs Predator 2 installation.” How to fix this problem?

  21. Nuttawet says:

    When i run a Community Client and try to join a game it keeps saying, “Error” “Game not found.” How to fix this problem?

  22. Ol killer says:

    good luck with that Really so you just key logging people it seems or some other type of shady shit with an answer like that whats the deal man i still got my old cds somewere last year i had it installed and set up no alerts but someone gets alerts with your dl seems odd that , that’s how you answer when someone brings this to your attention. your answer just strikes me as vary odd

  23. Ol killer says:

    though i did scan and check i found no virus’s so it may be false flags on his but you never know

  24. Oh, so you didn’t find viruses? imagine my surprise. Thanks for assuming I’m trying to spread that shit though.

    What did you want me to say? I had these games for years and they didn’t set off my virus alerts back then, but they magically do now apparently.

  25. Ol killer says:

    ok tested works great no mess ups your are the shit man now i just need to find my key

  26. Lss92 says:

    Best game ever in the series

  27. latrel says:

    the magnet link is the CD version right ?

  28. Both the CD and installer. You need the cd version to play primal hunt (the expansion)

  29. John Connor says:

    Does the multiplayer still work? I’ve heard GameSpy was closed.

  30. You can play it on GameRanger, but I don’t know how popular it is. you might also have to patch the game to the latest version.

  31. Nuttawet says:

    Can you guys give me aliens vs. predator 2 cd key so i can play online multiplayer?

  32. Tesla says:

    Very nice game. The thrill of the hunt is here. Thanks for sharing.

  33. AenimaNerd says:

    If you are having problems with the game crashing on startup, download Riva StatisticsTuner and put the FPS cap at 60.

  34. NoOtherKind says:

    Do I need a CD to play? it keeps saying a need a CD so i’m not sure if im just doing it wrong or if I need the CD to play.

  35. Daymare says:

    Direct FULL GAME DOWNLOAD: – working multiplayer, all patches, no CD version, running on all operating systems. Just download, install step by step and play!
    More info @

  36. Gather round and listen up.

    Six weeks ago, AvPUnknown lost contact with the communists on LV-1201. We’re here to find out why.

    The higher ups want the site intact, survivors or not. We’re cleared for light and medium munitions, but no heavy stuff. That means no air strikes and no Alice. Sorry, Harrison.

    Beta Section will be remain here until the ground position is secure.

    Everyone else, head to the AvP2 community discord at

    Once we control the Complex, we’ll control an entire subspace array. Hall, Red team, get the power online. White team, locate security control. Blackwell, you take Shugi and Harrison and make for the landing bay.

    We need that wind shear radar up and the landing site clear and powered. Once you’ve done that, activate the beacon and then grab the original AIO at and stay clear of the commies.

    Good work, Marine.

  37. Nuttawet Kaveerojsakul says:

    How to play aliens vs predator 2 online multiplayer?

  38. Nuttawet Kaveerojsakul says:

    Please give CD key for aliens vs predator 2.
    How to play aliens vs predator 2 online multiplayer?
    Where can i get server programs for aliens vs predator 2?

  39. Nuttawet Kaveerojsakul says:

    How to make disc follow enemy?

  40. Nuttawet Kaveerojsakul says:

    What vision is for who and who?

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