Full Throttle

9_1Retro road-trip time.

LucasArt’s one-of-a-kind adventure casts you as Ben, the leader of the Westside Polecats biker gang. He’s hired as a bodyguard for the local motorcycle magnate. But when the old man turns up dead and Ben takes the blame for it, it’s up to you to clear up his name and find the real murderer. In true adventure game fashion, you go about this by going through a gauntlet of neat puzzles and dialogue trees.

Plenty of games start with a bang and end with a whimper, but Full Throttle is not one of them. This is a rollercoaster ride as far as point and click games go, presented in LucasArt’s half-painted, half-computer generated cartoon style. From start to finish, every element – art, score, characters, dialogue, puzzles – work together to yield a great gaming experience.

Compared to other puzzle-centric adventure games, the obstacles you’ll face in Full Throttle are pretty simple. At most you’ll be looking for item A, then use it on item B. But complicated problems wouldn’t really fit the theme of this game anyway. Ben’s a biker first, thinker second, and he isn’t too shy of knocking a few locked doors loose to get his way, or teeth if it comes to that. That being said, you shouldn’t really find yourself stuck very often.

The only time Full Throttle slows down is when Ben’s cruising a lonely stretch of road, duking it out with bikers equipped with various weapons. The problem is that you can’t avoid combat, even if you know ahead of time that you don’t have the weapon you need to beat a certain enemy. Some players are going to be wary of Full Throttle because it’s too short or has too much combat. But while it may err on the short side, it’s still one wild ride to remember.

System Requirements: Pentium 75 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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