Air Offensive

Air Offensive is a budget-priced arcade flying game. You hover more than fly here, forever gliding on a sleek invisible pillow, fighting enemy craft spread over voxel-rendered maps. It reminds one a lot of Thunder Brigade, except you control your craft with the keyboard and not the mouse or joystick. The missions are also a lot more simpler – each level revolves around blasting a set number of enemies to advance. Simple briefings before each mission outline the basic premise, but the only difference between them is the change in scenery – rivers, deserts and lush mountain ranges are all on offer, though they sport few environmental props to make them truly unique.

12Gameplay is simple to the extreme. You dodge incoming fire and do your best to tail it behind enemies and fire at them continually. You need to watch your ammo – going empty means that you must hightail it back to your base where you can land and rearm. Good luck doing it with an enemy craft behind you; they’re very tough to shake. The AI is simple overall but they do perform simple turns and dodges, and also tend to gang up when numbers are on their side. Later on you get access to more powerful weaponry and ships, and there’s also a high score board that measures each players’ progress.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Win95

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