Gun Metal: War Transformed

Gun Metal is set in the far future where war has of course broken out. Your robot/mech is a new proto-type your government has created to help defend your people against the enemy. Each mission starts off with an overview map displaying your objectives, while you are told off by a generic general. You go about the map blasting different targets with either machineguns or homing missiles, as either a bipedal robot or a jet fighter. Extra weapons and missions become available the more you play.

13_1The gameplay for Gun Metal is simple to the extreme, being a straightforward run and gun third person shooter. The only thing different is your ability to transform into a jet and fly the skies, which is very useful when trying to get from various parts of the large maps, and also required to use since many of the missions are timed. While this could have been a very unique and interesting feature, the flight engine is extremely arcade in its presentation. There’s not really much to the missions either. You alternate between walking over or shooting vehicles and flying over the skies while taking down enemy planes.

You’re given goals; mainly kill and defend, gather ammo, keep your finger on the fire button and aim at the bad guys. But even that gets old and pointless after awhile. Another major annoyance is the ways the game’s controls are setup. You have the ability to look about freely, but the mouse view when on the ground is so sluggish that it gets annoying fast. The other annoyance are the lens flares, which the game seems to be absolutely in love with. You’re often blinded whenever you have the sun anywhere near your view, which makes combat impossible from certain angles. There is some neat variety, like night missions and a few extra weapons, but none of it is enough to make this game feel less budget-priced and generic.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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