Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology
Platforms: PC, Mac
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Genres: Strategy / Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: October 30, 2002
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

When Age of Empires II got dethroned big time.


Arkantos battles a few Cyclops, just one of many mythological units you’ll face in AoM.

Without a doubt, Ensemble Studios positioned itself as one of the premier developers of real-time strategy after Age of Empires.  With Age of Mythology, Ensemble dropped the semi-historical settings that fueled the first two Age games in favor of the classical mythology of ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Norse cultures. The primary hero of this saga is Arkantos, a young fella who hails from the mythical isle of Atlantis. The story, which parallels to Homer’s Odyssey, begins with Arkantos heading off to fight in the legendary Trojan War. It seems that Poseidon is ticked off at the Atlanteans, and the only way to placate him is if the war in Troy is brought to an end.

After the battle of Troy, Arkantos wishes to head home, but circumstances dash his plans and he’s forced to journey across most of the known (and unknown) world on mythology’s most tortuous route back to Atlantis. Along the way he visits the Underworld, Egypt, Circe’s Island, and the Norse lands of Northern Europe before he finally manages to get back to Atlantis for the final throwdown.

Go And Pillage

As you’d expect, this kind of epic globe-trotting campaign makes for some imaginative settings and situations. The 32 single-player missions (not counting the three tutorial missions) are divided into three campaigns — Greek, Egyptian, and Norse — which also represent the three playable sides. And many of the missions are extremely well-crafted – while the AOE 2 levels were sort of drawn-out and tedious, here everything is a lot more dynamic and fun. At times great fun.

22_1The early mission where you sneak out of the Trojan Horse under the cover of night and let in the rest of your troops, who quickly raze the city, is a great deal of fun. Another level in Egypt has you fighting over a slow-moving caravan in what best can be described as a tug of war (Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne would take a jab at this great idea as well). Another highlight is a mission set in the Underworld, where you have to protect a group of dwarves who are desperately trying to build a new hammer for Thor.

What differentiates Age of Mythology the most from past games is the focus on mythological creatures and powers, although wrapped in a credible historical tapestry according to each civilization. There’s even a fascinating in-built mini-encyclopedia, which details the game mechanics and historical data on each unit, godly power, building and just about everything else that’s selectable.

Because of the setting, interaction with the gods is a regular occurrence and especially plays out during the four age upgrades. Depending on the mission, you can choose to worship one of two minor gods, and your selection determines which special units, upgrades, and god powers will be available, adding a wonderful bit of strategic depth. For example, if you’re playing a mission wherein water is a factor, you’ll want to pick a minor god that gives you a water-based myth creature, such as the Kraken, which you can then summon to obliterate an enemy fleet. Defensive players can vouch for gods that enable healing, strengthen buildings or reward them with a “Vault of Plenty” that streams a steady flow of resources to whomever controls it.

After each age upgrade you’re given a god power, with a maximum of four per mission. Again, these powers — which range from swarms of locusts to massive asteroid attacks that flatten stretches of land — help bolster a particular strategy. And if you pick your god powers carefully, you can use them one after another to decimate an enemy’s forces.

In terms of military units, the three playable sides provide a bevy of unique men, heroes, and mythological units. Each side has its own standard military grunts, such as spearmen or the equivalent, but the real fun comes from using hero and balanced myth units. And this balance is particularly noteworthy. A powerful myth creature will make short work of the game’s standard grunts, but since heroes get an attack bonus when fighting myth creatures, it’s extremely important to have a couple of heroes mixed in with your fighting force.

You buy these mythical units and godly upgrades with the help of ‘Favor’, which essentially works as a resource gathered by peasants when they pray at a temple (actually each civilization gains Favor differently – for instance the Norse gain it through combat, while the Egyptians build monuments). Favor takes place of AOE’s traditional Stone mined at quarries, but it’s an interesting trade-off (towers and walls are built using Gold now).

Slay Your Friends

2_1In addition to the single-player campaign, you get 21 random skirmish maps (each map has specific elements, such as a main river, but randomizes its location) that can also be used in multiplay. AoM has four multiplayer modes — Supremacy, Conquest, Deathmatch, and Lightning— and the game is playable over a LAN or online via Gameranger. Of the four multiplayer types, Deathmatch will be the most familiar to Age of Kings players, while Supremacy and Conquest are variations on the “destroy everything in sight” theme.

You’ll have a great time playing Age of Mythology. The campaign, whose levels are diverse and touch on some creative designs, should take you at least a week to complete and will offer a fair challenge to players of various skill levels, and online multiplayer is equally fun. It’s simple to recommend for fans of Ensemble’s Age of Empires games, or for any RTS fanatic.

System Requirements: P III 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 1.5 GB HDD, 32 MB Video, Win 98

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  1. slimane says:

    thank you i followed your guide to run the game and it worked perfectly 🙂 ur da man

  2. john says:

    how do i run the game on my system

  3. rtomhet says:

    Can someone make a quick guide on how to run this game? I honestly tried to use the guide but it’s too vague. I get a missing files error when I try poweriso.

  4. Anon says:

    My apologies if this sounds a bit thick but I was wondering if you could help. I have downloaded the Age of Mythology game and have tried to install it. However, when it asks for disc 2 I can’t get it to carry on. Am I doing something wrong? I’d be very grateful if you could help me with this problem. Thanks!

  5. Anon says:

    Thank you very much ^-^

  6. Major says:

    where can I find this ‘guide’ people have been following?

  7. rtomhet says:

    So I tried using Poweriso. I mounted both files into two different drive and successfully downloaded the game.
    after this I get either a missing files error or a “Insert disc 1” message. Then I tried burning both files onto 2 cds and installed it that way. I still get a “insert disc 1” message and have tried having the burned cd in and mounting disc 1 to a drive.

  8. golfgod3 says:

    I have installed both disks. I have replaced the cracked aom.exe and Im still getting missing file rockalldll.dll
    Not sure what im doing wrong???

  9. Goutham says:

    I have installed d game successfully but when I open d game after two videos d game as stuck (not playing) don’t know what to do plz reply me wt to do now

  10. Jay Son says:

    I got the missing RockallDLL.dll error to but eventually I got pass that. Now I’m stuck on the error that my graphics card is not supported. I have Intel4400 (built in sucky graphics yeah I know) but it should still run a game whose min requirement is a Intel740 (1997 I think?).

  11. Justin G says:

    Thanks Bro, followed the instructions the game worked like a charm. Anyways I just want to clarify 1 step:

    1. After downloading the game and BEFORE mounting the ISO one MUST FIRST copy and paste the “AoM” shortcut found in “AOM crack and CD File” into CD: AOM 1>AOM Then save the file (use WinISO as the file is too big for the unregistered version of PowerISO).

    If the graphics is really low there’s a Youtube video on how to change it.

  12. 1. Mount CD, install, copy crack into game folder. That’s all, unless otherwise stated in the help file that comes with the game.

  13. IndexHD says:

    Dude, Im Stuck.
    I’ve done installing it. But when I’m trying to play the game its says “Cannot locate the CD-ROM” “please insert Age of Mythology Disc 1, select OK and restart application”. Any Solutions?

    -Newbie Gamer

  14. tp4leon says:

    when i Mount CD1 and want to install it, it says : u must have the Administrator privilege to do this. what do i have to do now?

  15. Run as administrator? no idea. I never installed this on 64 bit Windows

  16. tubbytubby says:

    The CD Key doesn’t work, can you find a solution

  17. Copy+Paste is the solution since the serial works. Maybe the installer is buggy under Win 7/8/10 in which case there is no solution.

    More probably you didn’t copy the serial code correctly

  18. tubbytubby says:

    yea, youre right, it works now, thanks bro (or sis :P)

  19. Anil says:

    If you are having the initialization problem with the game follow these simple steps

  20. john says:

    man i have downloding the option of download link is that correct

    what i have to do next and tell me where the instructions are

  21. Liz says:

    I mounted and installed the game, I am running it as administrator and I got through the first two videos, then the screen goes black. I tried running in compatibility mode but it still happens. Please help!!!!!!

  22. nio says:

    Thank you

  23. Obladi Oblada says:


  24. BJ DANIEL says:


  25. You can play MP on

  26. NakedProphet says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  27. abdelrahman says:

    where is the key??????????

  28. Ares says:

    I have a problem only with aom and there is no problem wih aomt
    this problem is for license
    well when i wanna accept the license message when for for first time i want start game
    it just hang and i cant accept
    i did reinstall and didnt worked
    changed crack and didnt work
    so what should i do
    help me

  29. hodza says:

    it says i need admin privelage and when i run it as admin nothing happens?

  30. Tesla says:

    Runs well on Win7. Good game overall. Thank you.

  31. naresh says:

    installed disc 1 portion asking to insert disc 2 but canot able to intsalled cann anyboby help me out.


  32. philip says:

    installed disc 1 portion asking to insert disc 2 but canot able to intsalled? How can I do? can anyboby help me out.

  33. Mount on same drive letter

  34. Serdar Çamdibi says:



  36. youssef says:

    please i need to know what it that and how to fix it the procedure entry point RIB_load_provider
    _library could not located in the dynamic link library

  37. SANYAM says:

    so I have copied both the disc data from winRAR toa single folder. then I installed the game with the key provided and the again pasted the files of crack file in the game folder.
    now when I start the aomg application it just doesn’t start but if I start aomx application it says rockllDLL.dll file is missing.
    what do I do now? Pls help!

  38. SANYAM says:

    also, it created a shortcut on the desktop and when I run it asks to insert aom cd and click ok and restart application again

  39. Rimantas says:

    Sanyam, are you lazy to read or stupid? Open your eyes and look for “CAN’T RUN A GAME?” in this site and press “Read this first!”. Damn, everything is explained in this site. Why some dummies doesn’t read that?

  40. Extract crack into game folder Sanyam.

  41. Sean says:

    I was able to open the game and view the beginning cut-scene. After that it goes to a black screen and I have to alt+ctrl+del out of it. Anyone else have this problem?

  42. mahran says:

    same problem as sean i tried to create an user.cfg at startup file and i cant play only first video then black screen goes on

  43. na_az says:

    disk 2 isn’t working .
    please help me!!!

  44. hahmhidhahmhidy says:

    After clicking on the exe file it says u need admin privileges after that it does nothing

  45. Chief says:

    Where’s this Guide?

  46. 1. Mount with PowerISO, install game
    2. Use serial from serial.txt
    3. Extract crack into game folder
    4. Play

  47. Rimantas says:

    Many people lived under a rock… “how to download?” “how to install?” “where is guide what to do?”. It’s big surprise they managed to write comment here if they are stupid enough to miss lines “CAN’T RUN A GAME?” and “Read this first!”.

  48. Chief says:

    I just got it all up and running. Thank you very much!

  49. krish says:

    After installing 35% it is displaying an error that please insert disc in C drive. What should i do now? How can i install it completely??

  50. krish says:

    It is displaying that “Insert Age of Mythology Gold Mythology Gold Disc 2 into Drive C:.” What should i do now?

  51. Rimantas says:

    Do what it says lol… Can’t remember how you mounted disc 1 image? Use google then. Or ask the one who turned on PC for you and started installation 🙂

  52. zach says:

    hi i need to know where do i place grannyd.ll plz put a instruction manual on how to place the file if the unpacking doesnt pack everything it should and place it where it must go thx

  53. incompetencius says:

    Even I, worst among the incompetent have manged to install the game.

    heed these words and you will be saved:
    -download the program(poweriso).
    -my pc doesn’t have a cdport so i just used the program to extract on to my drive.
    -both files, same place.(cd1 cd2)
    -then run setup should go smooth.
    -now the crucial moment extract the crack with winzip or whatever to the file witch were created when u ran the installation. (here are where most will fail)
    -have faith in god and he will lead you through this computer magic(just press and click)

  54. OldPcGamingFailed says:


  55. You’re the one failing, you’re supposed to MOUNT the CD files, not extract them.

  56. ath says:

    Does it require Disc to install after downloading there files. ?

  57. Logan says:

    i did setup perfectly but i have an issue with resolution of my pc(laptop-15.6”)
    any recommendations for system or screen res.?

  58. Logan says:

    ok guys i’ve found solution myself if you had same problem with mine here:

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