Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion

Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion
Platforms: PC, Mac
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Genres: Strategy / Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: September 30, 2003
Game Modes: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

This unsung AOM expansion has a lot going for it.


The Atlanteans crash through a town.

Much like Ensemble’s The Conquerors Expansion, you get quite a lot of stuff with The Titans, Age of Mythology’s only official follow-up expansion. A twelve mission campaign continues the story from the original and follows the exploits of Kastor and crew as the game’s new fourth civilization – the Atlanteans. Hard times have befallen the Atlanteans and Kastor (Arkantos’ son) is eager to see his countrymen regain their former glory. Overall the Atlanteans as a civilization are easily the most mobile group, with useful drop-off carts that hasten resource gathering. They also have some nice teleportation and hero powers.

The latter is a faster and cheaper alternative to re-building entire bases in both the campaign and multiplayer. Besides being migratory, the Atlanteans receive a special bonus when fighting against myth units thanks to their ability to instantly upgrade any lowly unit into a ‘Hero’, thereby inflicting bonus damage against mythological creatures. It’s not free and might not be completely feasible to Hero-boost your entire army, but overall this ability offers a serious edge against myth-based armies. New gods that come on the Atlantean side include Kronos (the legendary king of the Titans that grants cheaper myth and siege units), Gaia (useful for defensive, economy-centered play) and Oranos (Greek for ‘Uranus’, who further boasts mobility).

As you’d expect from the title, the centerpiece are the Titans themselves – gigantic, slow moving and monstrously sized creatures that you summon only after advancing to the final age, and even then after researching and building a Titan Gate. But whilst costly and time-consuming, bringing in a Titan to join the fray is the equivalent of researching nuclear weapons in a modern-set game – it’s no surefire solution you’ll smash your enemies to bits, but it does lend an enormous combat advantage. Each civilization has its own Titan which they can only summon once, and each is extremely sturdy and capable of dishing out insane damage values as they stomp infantry like ants and smash buildings like LEGO. The only problem is that the system sort of breaks on island-based maps, where you realize Titans are too big to be hauled around in boats. This too often results in stalemates on skirmish maps.


A view of Odin’s Tower, where you’ll have to use Time Warp and the Deconstruction ability.

The Atlanteans also have their own batch of minor gods and special units. Some of these include the Man ‘o War, which is a water unit, the self-repairing Automaton and the Promethean, a clay creature that divides into smaller bits when destroyed, and the self-healing Behemoth. The missions themselves are a tad more creative, even when the majority are production based. A few interesting ideas include capturing Vaults of Plenty spread across the map to provide a steady stream of resources in place of traditional gathering. Later levels are a mix of defense and attack missions as you face off with the Titans themselves.

Players of the original Age of Mythlogy should find plenty to keep them occupied here, both as far as the singleplayer campaign or the Titan-centric mayhem of multiplayer matches.

System Requirements: PIII 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 1.5 GB HDD, 32 MB Video, Win 98/ME/2K

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  1. dimmi says:

    hey, i just downloaded it and mounted it, but inside there’s none crack or product key, how I get game so it become full?

  2. Try installing it and see if it works?

  3. mohammed atheeq says:

    i just installed its giving me an error saying thrz a file called rockalldll.dll missing try reinstalling the programme

  4. dude says:

    Hey, I just downloaded and extracted it but during installation it says it won’t install if base product is not installed. I have copied all files in the original aom directory. What should I do? Please help.

  5. URT says:

    Sorry to bother at this point (2017) but at one point of the installation it made me “insert 2nd disc to continue” and I couldn’t identify that file… If someone could please guide me?

  6. It’s asking you to mount the second game CD. You have two 600MB game discs to work with.

  7. LEFTERIS says:

    when it says that i need to insert the cd rom 2 i click it the setup appears i click it to run but nothing happens any solutions?

  8. Aaaron says:

    ive installed everything correctly but when i try to open the game nothing happens

  9. Rodney says:

    Same problem as @Aaaron, managed to install fine, get to the game’s opening screen and click “play” – …then nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

  10. Game works fine in XP. No idea about Vista and up. Maybe there’s a crack you gotta copy (can’t remember)

  11. Wavey1 says:

    what is the product key

  12. It’s in the rar file. look for it

  13. michail says:

    Virus Name: Win32.Malware.Heur_Generic.A.(kcloud)
    Infected: _aomg.exe

  14. ZajeL says:

    Should I need an Empty CD to burn the game on it ?

  15. scfromdg says:

    i just downloaded it but i can t enter the game because it ask me for a 25 digit key to start the game, can someone help me please

  16. ZIV says:

    i need to use deamon tools to install the game ?

  17. Daemon Tools or PowerISO. PowerISO is better because it can recognize more formats like UIF

  18. JUTS says:

    should I need a blank cd to run or to continue/access this game?

  19. JUTS says:

    Coz it doesn’t make sense to me, please someone help on this kind of situation, hoping for your replies …

  20. Install PowerIso, mount the virtual CD files and install. Look up PowerISO tutorials on youtube

  21. michael says:

    how i can give key?????

  22. hmmmm…where could it be…

  23. CherryTrader says:

    So I installed the two disks using poweriso and got the wizard to 100% install, clicked play and it does nothing. I can click on the exes for the game, but It says run with administrator privileges but when I do it still does nothing.

  24. zach says:

    hi i just put the folders in system32 and now its telling me that granny.dll must be placed somewhere specific plz help because this is the second site ive trusted and recomended and now this is becoming a problem plz respond

  25. Get an older XP computer. how to install –

  26. Sodorrah says:

    Hi, I try to run aom/aomx and it gives me the error “This application failed to start because rocalldll.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
    How can I fix this?
    And when I try to run aomg it just doesn’t appear anything on screen

  27. Sakthi says:

    How to download the full game without. Paying money

  28. rosibenten says:

    Help me sir ….. :'( ….. tutorial Plisss …..

  29. ildi says:

    Thank you very much ,the installation was very easy and the game works perfectly.It works 100%,I know it very well because I am a programmer

  30. Joe says:

    Hi. It looks like both links are to the AOM main game not the expansion. Thanks for providing these games though.

  31. chris says:

    the link is no longer there, can you reuploaded?

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