Theme Park

Essentially retro SimCity meets Disneyland, Theme Park allows you to design and build your own amusement park, then make a fortune by getting people through the gates and keeping them happy and distracted. Theme Park is a lot more lighthearted than other business sims, in keeping with the whimsical nature of tailor-building your own… well, theme park. The business end is as simple as painting down roads, trees, shops, rides, rollercoaster tracks – not to forget staff members members – from an array of icons.

5Designing your first amusement park isn’t actually that tough, but once things are up and running do the headaches begin. The key to your theme park’s success hangs on how happy your customers are. Sure, they’ll come to investigate when it opens, but if they don’t like it (if it’s too dirty, boring, lacking key facilities or if the rides look unsafe) then they won’t be coming back for a second visit. Even worse, they might convince their friends not to go. For this reason, you have to think everything from how much to charge for a hot dog to designing your rollercoaster.

One of the other cool, more subtle features of the game is that the quality of people change depending on what kind of a park you’ve built. If your park is very safe and quiet, you’ll be seeing a lot of old folk wandering around. If it has a lot of dangerous and noisy rides then you’ll see younger thrill-seekers visiting. But typically the better way to go is to try to please as many people as possible – provide long, safe rides, have food and drinks nearby, and keep your park clean. Most of the fun of Theme Park is finding that balance that secures your park’s money-making future.

System Requirements: 80386DX CPU, 4 MB RAM, DOS 5.0

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