The Last Dynasty

One of Sierra’s lesser known titles, The Last Dynasty blends action and storytelling into an odd retro experience. You play as Mel Raauq, a space pilot who received the mission of destroying Lord Iron, an inter-galactic bad guy up to no good. The mix here is between traditional Sierra storytelling and Wing Commander style space combat.

dyn_screenIt’s heavy on FMV, with frequent video (quality ranged from passable to cringe) spliced between and during missions. The mouse-driven space combat is complex enough not to be boring, but nowhere near as refined as WC. Granted, you’ll have multiple ships to pilot, from fighter vessels to transports, and you’ll also have a good deal of things to consider like shield energy, hull strength, speed, friendly wingmen, etc. Lastly, a first-person Myst-style phase will occasionally pop up, allowing you to explore and solve more traditional Sierra puzzles.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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