Interactive Entertainment – Vintage Video Reviews

I’ve found this obscure piece of gaming history on and thought you guys should take a look. Interactive Entertainment was a magazine published exclusively on CD, containing video and text reviews, previews and unofficial hint guides for various 90s PC games. They ran from late 1994 to early 1996, so if you have any interest in vintage gaming from that period then should absolutely give this a look!

Unlike all those YouTube retro reviews, everything IE made was contemporary to the games that they covered, so you won’t have the constant bemoaning of nostalgia seekers on how the graphics haven’t aged well, but instead can really go back in time and appreciate these games for what they were. Sure, IE might not be the most mature piece of gaming journalism (I mean they did have their target audience), but it’s still great fun nonetheless, and I highly recommend it. Here’s a sample preview of WarCraft II uploaded on YouTube:

Unfortunately, there’s bad news. You’ll need a Windows 95/98 PC or virtual machine to run these CDs. I couldn’t get them to work in XP or Windows 7, so I recommend you install a Win98 virtual machine and give this retroware a well-deserved look:

Download Interactive Entertainment CD Collection

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