Star Wars: X-Wing

The idea is so simple it’s almost perfect. Everybody loves Star Wars. Computer owners love flight sims. So how about a Star Wars flight sim game from LucasArts? Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? Amazingly, X-Wing is every bit as good in reality as it sounds in theory, and even though the game is not a rightful member of the genre (it’s technically a space combat game), X-Wing is the response most people give when they are asked “What’s your favourite retro flight sim?”

1They drew a wealth of source material from their parent company to create a fully realized reconstruction of the unique Star Wars universe. Players train as Rebel pilots, then fly recreations of famous battles before taking on the might of the Galactic Empire in a serious of ongoing campaigns. Fly X-Wing, A-Wings and Y-Wing fighters against Tie Fighters, Star Destroyers and a plethora of other Imperial craft as you strive to destroy the horrendously powerful starship – the Death Star.

Although it doesn’t look like much to start with (since it’s in space there’s no ground or sky to pretty things up, and ships are made up of rudimentary polygons), there’s much more to X-Wing than first meets the eye – it’s by far the most action-packed, intense aerial combat game around, and the campaigns, flight recorder and career structure (you get promoted and win medals as you and your wingmen progress) make it as involving as any of the more conventional real-life flight sims.

15But most impressive of all is how the game achieves its primary objective – giving you the feeling that you are in a Star Wars movie, flying an X-Wing fighter. By that metric alone, Star Wars: X-Wing was one of the greatest movie-to-game adaptations of its time. You can customize shield and laser settings for optimum performance in varying battle situations, for example, command your R2 unit to carry out repairs, communications with other fighters in your group for formation attack plans. The things just feels so right, providing a world you just don’t want to leave. Enjoy.

System Requirements: 80386/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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