The Egyptian Prophecy

Hit-or-miss publisher The Adventure Company has another game under its belt with The Egyptian Prophecy (aka The Egyptian Prophecy: The Fate of Ramses). You play as Maya, the daughter of Heriman, envoy of Pharaoh and Paser, which is how she introduces herself to everyone. Pharaoh is getting older so, petitioning the gods, he requests they prolong his life, which they will do as long as he is able to erect The Finest Obelisk Ever.

The task is muddled up in typical Egyptian fashion: every step of the way there’s a curse, or a diseased Architect, or the Nile’s busted, or something. You’re in charge of fixing it because your clairvoyant abilities enable you to see what others miss. The game’s puzzles are intuitive and contrivance is kept to a minimum, which really helps give impetus to continue until you’ve saved Pharaoh and ended the game. You actually care about moving the story along because the characters are diverse and the NPCs are interesting. It’s a winning formula that’s fun to play.

The mythology and lore are integrated beautifully; the art direction is good, though the graphics are a dated. You get to meet important gods in ways that don’t destroy all suspension of disbelief, which maintains a sense of adventure and reward. Surprise twists are remarkably well integrated, only adding to the gameplay.

Rather than forcing you to go on an annoying clickathon through barren rooms, The Egyptian Prophecy includes a good interface and gameplay that won’t be a total pain. The game turns out to be quite short in the end, but better to be quick and good and long and muddled.

System Requirements: Pentium III 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Win98

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