Task Force 1942

Task Force 1942 recreates the naval conflicts between American and Japanese forces in Guadalcanal from August to December 1942. There are three game modes to play in this naval simulation. Historical scenarios allow players to try their hand at one of several battles around Guadalcanal. The campaign mode recreates five months of the conflict. Also, players can recreate small-scale battles in the quick battle creator.

7With its focus on naval warfare, you can expect quite a lot of ships to play around with. Virtually all of the non-carrier warships in the US and Japanese navies have been included to this effect. The heart of the game is the surface battle simulator. Players take the role of a commander and issue orders to various ship divisions, play as division commander, or command ships individually. Formation and heading orders are competently implemented, but when combat starts, going in for direct control can give you that extra edge.

Battle management is done on a tactical chart of the engagement area. Here, players can reset the scale and time rate of the battle while they maneuver their division of ships toward the enemy. The relative positions of ships displayed and as enemy ships are spotted, they appear on the start. All of the options are mouse driven to a large extent.

When you command ships individually, you take a first-person view of the action of the ship you choose to control. Starting at the ship’s bridge, you can move to torpedo director, damage control, ship’s wheel, observer, binocular, engine telegraph, and gun director stations. A ship’s charts station allows the player to return to the tactical chart level at any time. A secondary observer view allows you to watch the action from above, from a recon plane’s perspective. It shows a very efficient use of early 1990s 3D technology.

System Requirements: 80386 CPU, 2 MB RAM, DOS 5.0

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