3TACOPS covers combat from the 70s to the hypothetical 2010s at platoon levels of combat. As such, it can handle battles from battalion to brigade in scale, and can do so quite well; with some judicious counter management, it can even handle a battle up to and including an Opposing Force (OPFOR) division attacking a Blue Force (BLUEFOR) brigade or regiment. The US and Canadian Armies are both provided for, as are the US Marine Corps and the OPFOR (think generic Soviet/Russian and client state forces).

TACOPS uses simultaneously executed turns. This means each turn starts with an orders phase (which can last as long as you like) and is finished by an execution phase (covering a minute of “real time”) where both sides execute their orders simultaneously. As such, you can see opportunities missed and taken, but you’ll be unable to take advantage of them. A variable fog of war, which can provide you full information or almost none through different menu combinations, can also add to the pressure of the game.

If you are looking for major new changes in TACOPS, you will be somewhat disappointed. While there are a host of small improvements, and the game is remarkably stable with few bugs, there are no major improvements. Some of the new features include the traditional “blue” for friendly icons instead of the old green, an updated Canadian Army Order of Battle and conversion of 60 scenarios to Canadian Army versions, and more weapons, including amphibious assault craft, the Bradley Linebacker, the Osprey, and several others. There are also 20 extra maps for custom scenarios (these include the NTC (Ft. Irwin), Ft Knox, KY, Korea, Germany, Canadian training areas, and maps for amphibious assaults).

System Requirements: 40486/66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Win95

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