Swamp Buggy Racing

I know that we’re not supposed to expect much from WizardWorks– after all, this is a company that regularly ships games that look like (and in many cases have) been cobbled together in a matter of hours — but even by this company’s standards, Swamp Buggy Racing is a stinker.

6As its name suggests, Swamp Buggy Racing is all about the obscure sport of driving souped-up milk trucks through soggy marshes. That’s two soggy marshes, to be exact – one short oval track and one quasi-short, quasi-oval track. Your garage contains a whopping four buggies of varying performance, handling ability, and butt-ugly aesthetics. Thanks to the limited number of vehicles and racing stages, I felt like I was playing a demo version of a game actually, if there was a demo of this, it’d probably consist solely of the title and options screen.

After you watch the most poorly animated cutscene in the history of modern gaming, you get to race competitively or practice by yourself. If you place in the top two in the championship race, you move on to another race, where you go up against a single competitor. The winner of this one-on-one showdown is dubbed the King of the Swamp, and is treated to the second most poorly animated cutscene in the history of modern gaming. After this, the sensible gamer will remove the CD from the drive and promptly microwave it.

System Requirements: Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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