Offensive is a bit like Close Combat except super dumbed down and definitely not as fun. It drops you into some 20 or so infantry-level operations during World War II, where you can control clusters of soldiers, tanks, trucks and artillery. You can move, attack, guard an area or retreat, and you issue these commands as you would in a typical C&C real-time game.

5_1The graphics are grainy and it’s often hard to figure out what you’re looking for. Even after you issue orders, you never really know what’s up – the simplistic and indistinct sea of moving pixels passing off as units does a poor job of providing feedback. Combat is messy and just as confusing, with units moving to and fro with no real rhyme or reason. Any attempt at formulating real strategy, as you would in Close Combat, is pretty pointless. Credit is due to the scope of historical detail, but it really doesn’t count for much when the gameplay is this lousy.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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