Sin: Wages of SIn

It’s kind of frightening to consider that Activision released Sin in such a rushed and buggy state, and then a mere four months later they offer us a mission pack. But they did, and you know something? Even patched and working as it should’ve in the first place, it still comes across as a rather mediocre shooter. One of the best reasons to get Wages of Sin is to patch your full version of Sin painlessly, but there are a few bones hidden in all of those gibs.

24The action begins with a cliché-ridden investigation into a construction yard turned slaughterhouse. Seems those mutants are back and they are coming from the sewers… yawn. But it gets better as the mission pack progresses. Soon you uncover a plot involving a scientist’s kidnapped daughter, that fabulous U4 drug that’s all the rage, an evil Mafia boss, hordes of mutants and scads of Italian-American stereotypes. The Mafia stereotypes are at first refreshingly amusing, but after every single one of them mutters about cannolis they get tiresome.

Offering that ship based level, a casino level and a very well crafted museum level, where innocents are constantly running around into the crossfire, is barely enough to make the mission pack diverting. The new weapons, including a flame-thrower, a wimpy feeling concussion rifle, and a nice pair of infrared goggles (which help a lot, as the palette is very dark here) are built upon Sin’s already existing weapon list.

What is great about this add-on is the addition of several ‘mini-game’-features. The hoverbike in particular shows us what Interplay’s terrible Redneck Rampage Rides Again was trying to do with its swamp boat. But the best thing about Wages of Sin is by far the multiplayer suite. In all, this is a pretty good add-on to a mediocre game. It does everything an add-on should do and most importantly actually improves upon the original.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 800 MB HDD, Win95

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