The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes

At a time when most games had occupied single-digit numbers as far as MB, EA’s graphic adventure The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes took up a whopping 28 MB in disk space. Not an insignificant amount considering the average size of a hard disk at that time ranged between 500 MB to around 1 GB.

11Sherlock Holmes wins for its sophistication of its controls and the sheer scale of the game. It is not simply that there are many locations and many characters. The point is that all of these elements combine to form a great whole. It starts with the right tone with an opening sequence which shows the initial crime. Jack the Ripper has struck again – or so it seems. Some lurking devil has killed off a young actress on the way to the theater. Sherlock Holmes agrees to investigate when called upon by a desperate Inspector Lestrade.

Throughout the game, Holmes spies clues and Watson, never more than two steps behind, jots them down in his handy journal which you can access as the player. The journal is used to record everything useful the player finds. In every other respect, you go around as Holmes searching for clues, inspecting the environments, and solving the odd puzzle. All of this snooping around is done in the backdrop of a nicely drawn-out world of 19th Century England, with attire, dialect and props all carefully selected. Combined with an interesting story, Sherlock Holmes the game manages an atmosphere that is surprisingly gripping.

System Requirements: 80386 CPU, 2 MB RAM, DOS 5.0

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