2Myst Clone no. 542341 fails to deliver.

If Myst and Riddle of the Sphinx had a love child, it would look like the single-person project known as RHEM. An adventure game that evokes Myst, it has the same basic plot (escape from a strange world), the same simple interface (with static first-person views), and the same sort of look and feel. But the game isn’t at all involving, with its poor sound and graphics and nonsensical story. There just isn’t anything to drive the player along.

The world of RHEM is also terribly convoluted, seemingly confusing level complexity with deep gameplay. Ladders and staircases abound, walkways crisscross themselves at different floors, rooms rotate, bridges move, and there aren’t any friendly, time-saving features to help get you from Point A to B. You have to click (and click, and click) your way there, usually stopping at Points C and D along the way to position rooms and bridges correctly.

The difficulty in navigation, uninspired, darb look and tedious puzzles make the game world a real pain to go through. With so many better first-person Myst clones on offer, it just doesn’t make much sense to suffer through RHEM from start to finnish.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Win 95

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