Beyond Time

Beyond Time is a Myst clone, like the huge number of other Myst clones. It’s a bit like Timelapse or The Egyptian Prohpecy considering the ancient civilization setting, but while those games were at least tolerable, Beyond Time is most definitely not. Slideshow graphics with next to no animation, unoriginal puzzles, a boring storyline and little challenge are the highlights of this game.

5The limp plot and the annoyingly small game world can’t begin to help Beyond Time, which is vaguely based on the book Obelisk. It’s the simple ‘go into this mysterious dimension and find some lost artifacts’ motif that fails to improve upon anything that Myst hasn’t already done. The puzzles force you to wade through dull text in order to find and copy a bunch of hieroglyphs, solve number puzzles or – yawn – find the lost crystal in order to restore the crystal matrix. Hints and solutions to most of the puzzles can be found nearby, making one question what was the point of it all. Indeed.

System Requirements: 80486/66 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Windows 3.1

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